Who We Are

The airline industry has moved to swiftly grasp opportunities for providing ancillary services to support brand positioning. Maxposure Media Group, with its aviation expertise and being the leader in in-flight publishing with its large global and Indian network, is in touch with a lot of these brands/clients,to whom we can offer selling the ancillary segment on behalf of the airlines as exclusive partners.

Overall about 30% of Indian travellers who travel by air fly with Maxposure’s airline partners constituting to approximately 20 million passengers travelled monthly.


Those who travel often via aircraft tend to be the leaders and decision makers in their companies and will usually have buying power. These are the people, businesses want to reach. Both domestic and international frequent flyers are the ideal audience and they are a captive audience while they’re sitting in the airport. According to studies, business travelers that fly often are 2x as likely to work with larger companies, or those companies with at least 1,000 or more full time employees.

According to the studies, airport / inflight advertising gives brand perception a boost. Over half of frequent travelers feel that products promoted in the airports/inflight are high quality, thanks to a variety of factors. These include the elegant architecture of the airports/airlines itself, other trusted brands being displayed and the fact that travelers tend to be more open minded about new products and services. Even relatively unknown brands can take advantage of this perception by placing publicity in an airport setting.


Passengers on a plane are in the perfect position to learn about new products and services. They’re sitting for several hours, after having already spent hours in the airport, so any kind of entertainment will be welcomed.

For advertisers looking to improve their ROI, inflight advertising is an excellent choice. The viewer is essentially a captive audience, sitting in the plane with literally nothing else to do. Maxposure helps advertisers to increase the overall views of their brand.

Ambient media is the perfect solution for businesses to advertise if they want to reach mass audiences. Think about it, the average business traveler spends an hour and a half in airports per trip. That’s 90 minutes of time that is spent almost entirely standing in line or waiting for their flight to be called. These people are a ready and willing audience. Highly targeted, eye-catching ads tend to be particularly effective with business travelers and frequent flyers.